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Replacement Bulbs > LED Replacements > 12V ''Warm'' White G4 6-LED Light Replacement Bulb

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12V ''Warm'' White G4 6-LED Light Replacement Bulb

Replace your energy wasting Halogen bulbs with this LED bulb which runs super cool and uses about 1/10 the electricity. Made up of 6 Super Bright LED’s yet is cool to the touch. Great for Boats and RV’s running off batteries.

$ 4.00     Available: 7     Back

Part Number : 900.37
• Operates from 10VDC-28VDC (Max = 30VDC).
• Operates from 10VAC-18VAC (Max = 20VAC).
• Less than 100 mA @ 12V 1.2 Watts.
• Color temp = 2800-3000K.
• Great replacement for high wattage Halogen G4 bulbs.
• Full circuit protection on-board (Constant current power supply, Auto correction on power inputs)
• 6 Super Bright "Warm" White LED's (120 Degree viewing angle).
• 60 Lumens Brightness compared to other types
    o 21 Led 5mm type = 40 Lumens
    o 12 Led 5mm type = 25 Lumens
    o 5 Watt Halogen = 80 Lumens
    o 10 Watt Halogen = 120 Lumens
• Size is 1" Round X 3/8" height  (23mm x 9mm).
• Not Compatible with electronic transformer type power supply.
• Fully ready to go. Nothing else needed for                 lights to work in a 12V DC system.